Praxis: What Our Work Together Looks Like….


Our relationship is similar to traditional psychotherapy, where we meet to talk about the problems of your life. To this end, I serve as an intent ear in this process. I listen very carefully, and I don't intrude. My practice is about you, but it is also about how your psychological drives and needs are embodied in your writing and art. Here, the goal isn’t to simply resolve psychological concerns, but to endeavor together to see how they are also a part of your story, and how to best use these insights to benefit your craft and art as a writer.

The Passion of Creation, by Leonid Pasternak, 19th century, exact date unknown

I also work with the direct challenges writers and artists confront in their day-to-day life which interfere with their lives and creative work such as creative-blocks, stage-fright, self-undermining behaviors, the emotional consequences of career changes, and other struggles. To this end, psychotherapy and psychoanalytic consultation can contribute to greater emotional and creative self-awareness in the artist's personal life and in the overall artistic process.


Our work is done over a secured video link.