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I have learned that we all suffer from common problems in living—in love and in work. But the solutions that will work for each of us are as unique as we are. My clients tend to share certain worries and concerns that might best be summed up as difficulty feeling happy or being productive, or not relating well with others as they might like to. I work with individuals and couples for varying lengths of time depending on whether we choose to focus on an immediate problem or undertake a more open-ended journey.  Among my clients, there are alienated teenagers, young adults trying to sort things out, medically compromised patients, adults waylaid by life and relationship transitions, and people struggling with anxiety and depression.  I have extensive training in a variety of different approaches. We will find what works best for you!


I have been providing psychotherapy since 1998. I earned a master's degree in Family Sociology and a doctorate in Counseling Psychology. I'm also a tenured Psychology Professor and Department Chair at St. Petersburg College.

Florida Lic. Mental Health Counselor,  MH5966

Idaho Lic. Clinical Professional Counselor,  LCPC9579

New Mexico Lic. Clinical Mental Health Counselor, CCMH0218891

Pennsylvania Lic. Professional Counselor, PC015929

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